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update:Need Help-EPA technical compliance- 600SEL euromodel

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Mercer update, 26Jan03: We are importing a 93 600SEL, euro model. It has the normal Orange EPA label in engine compartment, indicating conforms to all US EPA requirements. Our rude&unfriendly importer in Florida having problems on what to do as the importing process resulted in the wrong 3520 EPA form box being checked & submitted to customs, thus now no one knows if car is EPA compliant. VIN number is a WDB140 euro version VIN, which is not in the US VIN database, of course. Does this label look like everyone else's EPA label? Trying to find out of we are ok on EPA compliance with our car. Need help in who to talk to or if others have experience in importing euromodel Benz. thanks in advance.
Bill & Monika Mercer - D.C. area, virginia


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Bill and Monica, I think you are the only people here with a 140. Most of us have 203's. You might wish to try the fora at Also try the W140 forum at Benzworld,
Hi Bill and Monika,
I've been wondering how you were doing on importing your car. Were the folks at JK Motorcars any help? Sorry to hear you are still having problems getting your car on the road. The picture you posted of the emissions label certainly appears to not only meet Fed Spec's but also California and Canada as well. I've never imported a car, but I can understand the frustration you must feel. Have you tried contacting another office of the EPA(perhaps Washington, D.C. ??) Sometimes it helps to elevate things to another level. As Lynn mentioned, many of the current members on this forum own the 203 series, but we also want the forum to continue to grow and would be willing to start an S-Class forum if there is enough interest. At any rate, we appreciate your comments and would like for you to continue to visit this forum and keep us in the loop.

the label pictured looks like the label on every other S i've seen. it even states the vehilce conforms to U.S. and cali emmissions.
Benz importing -Smodel, 600sel

many thanks folks, your encouragement is appreciated. We finally got an EPA manager to make a ruling that override and corrected our florida based importer negative thinking that our prized auto was not EPA-worthy. This very nice EPA, quite senior ranking manager, corrected everything with one phone call to the imported and we finally got our car on the road. And you all were right, the EPA label on this top end car indicates it was fully compliant anywhere in the world. What a jerk this importer was in florida. thanks. Bill& Monika Mercer, wash.d.c area.
very cool. i'm glad you got the car over. if you ever need any info regarding your vehicle, let me know. i'm very familar with the 120 motor and the chassis in general.
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