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Upgrade head unit!

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There are aftermarket installation kits available that will allow you to upgrade the head unit without damaging the dash. Check out the site below.

I will be installing an aftermarket deck at an audio shop and they were able to order a similar product elsewhere too. :wink:
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Future after-market deck install...

Andy, have you installed your deck yet??? How did it go/how does it look? I think I'm about to put in a new pioneer head unit so I can transfer my XM stuff from my old car...that and the fact that it has a single disc cd player and two RCA outs on the back for external amps(thank god). Talk about killing alot of birds with one big stone. And I'll probably do the installation myself, as interesting as that will be(especially when it comes to splicing, if need be). I was weary for a very short period of time about replacing the MB head unit, but the way I see it what if I don't have a MB head unit, at least the one I sounds good! Maybe I'm just a little too picky on my soundsystems. Thanks!
Finished installing my deck...

I installed a Pioneer DEH-P640...and man, does it look awesome in the car!!! The head unit has aluminum-gray casing with matching trim and polished accents around the knobs...damn, this head unit is THE ideal complement to the Aluminum trim! And, it adds alot of power and clarity to the system...something that was severely lacking in the stock system. So, not only does the sound system kick :!: now, but I also have a cd player, XM radio, and a cute little animated display with dolphins swimming around in my car.

BUT, the installation wasn't quite as easy as I thought it would be...

Removing the aluminum trim and stock head unit was easy...all thanks to the instructions found on this site. Unfortunately, the wiring was extremely painful. We couldn't find a wiring harness adapter kit anywhere, so we had to splice everything. 8O The Mercedes wire colors are not the same as "traditional" stereo-wiring-harness colors, everything was different. :evil: But, we finally found a color diagram and hooked everything up...with one exception. We could not find a convenient switched power line anywhere. :x So, we elected to tap into the cigarette lighter power line, and it works like a charm. :D But, it took several hours of searching to figure this out. Hint: don't go searching for any other switched wires...if you find one, it might be a vital part of some system on the car, and splicing into it may cause a malfunction. No, I didn't actually do that myself, but I did have a close call with such a wire. And/or, if you can actually find a switched fuse slot and can route the switched line there, then you da man.

If you want to know how to get to the cigarette lighter wire, or inside the center console for anything else, I can help. Removing the console trim is alot easier than the dash trim.

All I need to do now is hook up my amp/sub...but I don't know of an easy way to get the pos wire from the battery to the amp in the trunk. Granted, I haven't looked real hard, but does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks...and if you upgrade your system to something that actually sounds good...have fun!
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Fuse number 7 in the fuse block in the left rear of the car is switched. It has been posted on other boards that a VW wiring harness will work with our cars. There is a rubber grommet on the passenger side of the firewall which can be used to run the wire to your amp.
Thanks Lynn...I'll go check out the grommet today...

Let there be bass!!! ....and no, I don't mean the fish.
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