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I have a friend that has a '92 300E which he updated to look exactly like a '95 E320. On the front end he replaced the hood (purchased second hand), hood star ornament, front grille and headlights (although his original 300E Euro style headlamps still fitted perfectly under the new hood, and really didn't need to be replaced unless you wanted to buy all the new parts at once).

When he bought the car the rear end already had the updated E320 trunk and brake lights installed, so that much was already done by the previous owner.

I myself have a '86 300E with a updated rear end (trunk and stop lights), and I'm planing to do the same procedure, so any comments on this topic about similar experiences would be appreciated.

Also looking to buy a set of E320 headlights, grille and star hood ornament (preferably second hand but must be in good condition).


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