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Mechanic verbally estimated 2 hours and $260. I think ok, this is a great deal.

When she goes to pick up the car, he changes it to 365 + 12 for gasket + 3 hours of labor (about 200 more).

She protests but eventually stupidily signs their form and pays. Later I notice that the form also says rebuilt. The guy had said to her earlier that he does not like rebuilt.

This same mechanic was ok before and appeared honest.

What should I do now? Kill wife or ....

This was Silverstar Automotive in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles.

Replacing the vacuum pump. They never called or informed her of an increase.

She never got a written estimate.

Would complaining to BAR (Bureau of Automotive Repair) or BBB do anything?

They did mention to her that there was some transmission fluid in the radiator and that the radiator needs to be replaced. We never had that done.

After a few days the car overheated with some smoke.

The large hose to the radiator was not attached at all and there was no coolant/water at all. Interesting, as this has never happened before. I connected the hose and added coolant. Car seems ok.

I don't know how to check whether the work is correct and the vacuum pump is ok and new or used.

In addition they kept the core yet claimed it was a new part.
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