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The sunroof on my daughter's 1994 C180 (What else do you buy for your daughter to learn in that's safe and has a manual gearbox?) doesn't close properly.

It closes to the point where the panel is flush with the opening but the back edge is about 12mm (1/2") lower than where it should be. When you give the button a nudge as if to tilt the panel it lifts into place but it's hard to give it the right sized nudge so it doesn't lift too high.

When the switch is pushed up to tilt the roof it only lifts about 40mm (1 1/2")... not enough to see daylight.

Manual operation using the tool in the overhead light fitting (like it says in the manual) is stiff but it will open right up and using the switch to close it works fine.

It seems like the switches that locate the "closed" position need to be adjusted.

It was easy in the 560SEL I owned at one stage, the motor and adjustment was in the boot, but I can't find any reference to adjusting the newer style sunroofs where the motor is in the roof itself.

Any ideas would be appreciated

BTW: She only had about 15 hours driving before getting the car but after 2 weeks and a several frustrating hours she is friends with the clutch most of the time and has just about mastered hill starts with that BLOODY foot operated handbrake!


Peter Cowie
Sydney Australia

97 SL500
02 ML500
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