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wanted: E36 Headlights

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I recently purchased a set of e36 headlights from someone on this board. I've got a friend that is interested in a pair himself. Is there anyone here that is wanted to get rid of theirs for a reasonable price? Thank you.

-Jay Begley
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Welcome to Benzforum. If you are interested in new headlights at reasonable prices, send me an e-mail at [email protected]. Let me know exactly what you are looking for (Headlight assemblies?) and which model and year this applies to. Also, is this an e36 or C36?
Again, welcome to the forum, we look forward to your input.

Sorry so long.

Ok, here's the deal. I actually own a Nissan Maxima. However, our headlights suck. Someone figured out that the E36 headlights were about the same size and shape. They look a lot better than our stock lights and the light output is quite a bit better as well. Now I have a fried that wants to do this modification as well and I told him I would help him look for a set of used lights.

So to answer your question bigbenzman, I am looking for a pair of used e36 headlight assemblies. They don't have to be in extremely good condition, fading or yellowing lenses is ok because we are going to cut them apart anyways.

I know a lot of people with the e36 upgrade their headlights to angel eyes and have their old stock headlights just sitting in the garage collecting dust. Now's your chance to make a couple dollars off those dust piles.

If anyone wants pics of what I have described above, I have a couple of my car on my hard drive I can send you.

Thanks a lot for anyone who has continued to read this far in this very long post :)

-Jay Begley
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I got it

email me [email protected]
Great condition lights. email me w/offer
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