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Welcome diesel fans!

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For some of us the diesel Mercedes-Benz has a special charm. Hopefully, this new forum will provide a place for the diesel enthusiast to share tips, ideas, and information. It should also be a fun place to share stories and generate discussion of the diesel breed. Welcome all. :D
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Hallo, I've driven Otto engines for several years. Now i drive a A 170 CDI
and i wont miss it. The best is the punch at a low number of revolutions and the low consum of gas. In germany diesel is much cheaper than normal gas. My car takes 6 litres of diesel when you drive very fast. The last car I drove has fewer hp but toke 10 litres normal gas.

My dad change his car too. Now he drive a C 230k but in a few weeks our new C 270 CDI will arive.
It's a great engine 170 hp and 400 Nm of torque
to compare
C 230k 193 hp and 280 Nm of torque

so diesel rule's :!:
Great Idea. I'm sure we all have many stories to share, from algae in the tank to ... we'll leave it to your imagination.

We have a 2nd fuel tank in the '80 300SD - ever try to consume 40 gallons without stopping :wink:

But it is comforting to know you can drive roundtrip Atlanta to St. Louis without refueling... (the car that is)
Hey Gizguy,
Did your 300sd come with the extra tank? Another tank or two, and you could make it to California, without refueling the car.

Diesels Rock(and Rattle)


No, the extra tank was a kit installed after purchase. Car initially bought to be a "touring" car for long distance trips (back when it was harder to find convenient diesel stations). And it does indeed continue to be a great car to take on the highway - albeit minus some of those newer gadgets that a gizguy likes. My Garmin GPS works just fine on the dash :D

Two disadvantages of the extra tank:
1. You lose the trunk space beneath the rear window
(although there probably is room to add another 1 or 2 tanks)
2. Extra fuel weight makes for slower acceleration.

Also, may be just that the 300SD is older than the E300, but anything you leave in the trunk acquires a distinct diesel aroma. Have never found any leaks, so must just be fumes that escape through the connections.

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Hello All.

I've had my "baby" for about 6 mo's now and absolutely love her. :p While she is in very good condition, I'm working on bringing her up to "showroom condition". Looking forward to sharing and learning with other MB diesel fans.
I drove a Mercedes Diesel once. Got bit by something!
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