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There have been a number of posts, on this and other forums, questioning what happens when a person puts on wheels (usually for winter) w/o a tire sensor. I can relate what happened on my 2008 C-Class when I switched to winter wheels/tires. It is a U.S. version with a manual transmission.

When I initially drove away from the tire place, nothing happened. I had been expecting the flashing red display or some sort of audible alarm. None of this ocurred. After about 10-15 minutes of driving, a messge appeared in the center of my message center advising that the TPMS was inactive. I simply pressed the "OK" button on the left steering wheel control and the message went away. I had my normal display back with the usual functionality.

The only other thing is a warning light in the tachometer region of my display. Near the 5000 rpm marker is a tire icon (a cutaway view) with an explanantion point ("!") within the tire. It started out flashing then became a steady display. It is easy to ignore.

During this past weekend, that scenario repeated itself after every start. Based on that, it was no problem driving without a monitor in the wheels.
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