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First of all let me say that BenzForum seems a nice place to be - all contributors are friendly and helpful.
OK, here's my question - although I've been on the road for many years (with Fords, VWs, etc.), Mercedes is a new area for me so I need some advice on what model to look for.
It must be an estate and (it would seem), it must be an earlier one (1997/98?). I looked today at a new model and was disappointed at the total space in the rear with the seats folded down. The length was fine but the width between the rear wheel arches seemed no more than a metre: as a musician (loading gear in and out every other day) I need as much rear space as possible. Am I right in thinking that the earlier models had more floor width?
Secondly, fuel economy is a big factor for me, so..... a diesel? a turbo diesel? What sort of mpg could I expect?
So, what model and year for a wide-space, diesel, estate?
Lastly, as I live in the UK, any recommendations for dealers?
Many thanks in advance for any responses,
Richard Simmons

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Being in the UK, you aready have more options than we can provide experience on from here in the US. I had a short correspondence with Mike Stone over there early in the year. By your post, I'm guessing the recent car you looked at may have been a "C" class estate where the one you saw before was a "E" class. The diesel "E" estates were offered in the E270CDi which is being replaced with the E320CDi. I'll share some of the information Mike sent me.

E320 CDI Performance
Maximum speed (mph) 143
Acceleration 0-62.5 mph (secs) 8.3 [0 - 60 mph (secs) 7.8 Timed]
Fuel consumption (mpg)
Extra urban
I believe this information was on his W210 bodied estate. He sounded really enthuiastic about his estates. He traded in his E270CDi for the E320CDi. If you would like to contact him, send me an e-mail.

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