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I lost compression on 3 of the 5 cylinders on my engine, so my car is dead in my driveway. I have a replacement engine on the way that I got from ebay, it's from an 84 300sd with about 134k miles on it. The replacement engine comes with everything but the starter and the wire-harness for the glow plugs. I plan on pulling my engine & tranny, scavenging the engine for spare parts, attaching the replacement engine to the old tranny, and re-installing. Unfortunately, I don't have a garage or even a sheltered carport to work under.

(1) I need to know before-hand what tools and equipment I will need to get the job done from start to finish. On hand, I have just a small basic auto tool kit and a complete set of metric wrenches, a large torque wrench, two ramps and two jacks, no blocks though for the rear wheels.

- I know I will need an engine hoist w/load leveler, but which one?
- Also an engine stand to support the engine & tranny when I work on them, but which one & from where since it's so heavy?
- Any special equipment for disconnecting stuff, like the fan, A/C hoses, oil cooler lines, tools for removing the radiator & oil cooler, etc..?
- Will I need an air compressor and tools? Etc...
- Any other misc stuff, like anti-sieze compound, sealant? Etc...

(2) Since I will have the engine and tranny out, what maintenance items should I look at doing? Replacing seals? Timing chain? Install a block heater? Replace the power steering filter & seal? Things to replace on the tranny? Any upgrades I should look at doing like the K&N type air filter kits, fuel/water seperator, etc...?

This forum has been very helpfull for me in the past, I'm hoping I can make all the purchases I will need this weekend.

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