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Where t buy my C 230 K??

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Hey everybody! Well, I am looking at getting a BLACK 230, K soon! Here is the problem, they are pretty scarce here in Omaha, and the ones they have are all the SAME COLOR! Lots of good that does me huh!? Well, I as I said I want black, in an AUTO, the C2 pkg. (panaorama roof, wiper, ect>) and C7 -- wheel package... I have heard that in big cities, such as LA you can get steal deals, is this true and if so, who would you go to if you went to the Los Angeles area?? If so would it even be worth it?? Also, would my local MB dealer service it w/o hesitation???

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If you are going to look in So. Cal., you might want to try Mercedes Benz of Laguna Nigel. Several people on other boards have traveled hundreds of miles from the surrounding area to buy there because of their prices.

You might also try Tri-Star Imports in St. Louis, if you don't want to go so far. If you wish, I can get you the name of a broker who buys in the St. Louis market for his clients. I know one resident of Dallas who bought in St. Louis through him.

Also, try pricing cars on You can configure the car the way you want and they will see if they can get it through your local dealer, or order it through them. Try some other zip codes to see what the prices are in other markets, since you are willing to travel.

I don't see why the local dealer wouldn't want to service the car. They get paid by the factory for warranty work, and by you for everything else. You might not get free loaners if you didn't buy it there, though.

I really appreciate your reccomendations. I will get in touch with you here soon regarding the brokers you suggsted!! thanks again!!



Also, think about Beverly Hills Ltd., a.k.a. Beverly Hills Mercedes Benz. Probably not as cheap as the others, but amazing service and staff. I have never been treated any differently because I bought the cheapest MB model, and I'll buy my next, more expensive one from them as a result.
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