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Whirring noise in the roof console

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I have an Irish manual 5 door c230K '96 petrol.
It was only bought 2 months ago with 56,000 miles on the clock.

There have been no problems at all - but there is a funny whirring noise in the roof console. It has a sunroof. I think the noise is some kind of motor that is checking the air temp in relation to the air-conditioning or something...

but that is only my theory... I'd love some more information on what it might be.

look forward to hearing from you.
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come on guys

someone shut off the radio in their car and listen to their roof console... any whirring?

c230 kompressor sedan - black
Most of us here have W203's. I think there is a fan to move air across a temperature sensor in the roof console, so I suppose there is one in your car, too.
I actually have the same exact problem, and the dealership said it would cost me over $500 to replace it!!! I'm merely a lowly student who's income belongs to food and rent. If anyone knows what the part is called, or of a less expensive solution, then please let me know by emailing me at [email protected]. I'd really appreciate it. It's too much money, and all it does is really annoy the heck out of me. My solution currently involves raising the volume to 11 until my aggravated ears forget that buzz.
1997 C230 buzzing noise

I too have the buzzing noise in the center roof console. Anyone find out an answer to the problem?
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