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Will a benz dealer in Houston bend any on the price?

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Hi, first I would like to say that you guys have a great community over here!

Now to the point, I live in Houston and I believe that there are 2-3 benz dealers here (including the largest one in America). If I shop around do you think that I can get a lower quote if I shop around. I have never bought a benz before and I don't know if the dealers bend any because it is such a high quality/price car.

I am looking to buy a car around April-May next year, and I am starting to look now.

I LOVE the front end on the C230 and I am very interested in getting one. I am looking to spend at the most around 30k-31k after tax (in houston it is 8.25% :evil: ) I don't really care to much about leather, but I would like the xeon lights/bose sound system/cd changer/ panaramic sunroof/ metallic paint. Do you think that I could pull this off? Also, what kind of APR can I expect for 60 months, the lowest would go is 7.9.

Also, does the orinico (sp?) blue really look like that picture that was posted earlier? Thanks from a prospective benz buyer!
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The MSRP for a car with your options is $29,260 for a six speed and $30,585 for an automatic. I strongly recommend the C7 option package, especially if you get a six speed. C7 includes a short throw shifter, which really improves the shifting of the transmission. C7 is $759.

Since there are three dealers in your area, you should be able to get a good discount.

And, yes, orion blue looks that good.
okay, so the msrp is 30011 and after tax, that equals 32495, do ou think that I could get the price down to 31000?
Welcome to the Community Poonkla :)
I really don't like to include taxes in the discussion because they vary drastically from locality to locality. With an MSRP of $30011, the invoice is about $27960. That is a difference of around $2070 which is much less than the discount you indicate you want. A $2500 discount on a 2003 at this time is way too much, especially if you order the car.

If I were you, I would try pricing the car through a couple of the on-line buying services. Also has a True Market Value feature on their site which gives some idea of what the cars have been selling for recently in your location.
Well I thought that maybe I could get a little bit of a discount if I ordered in March/April and took delivery in late May.

Another question: If you purchase through an online place, do you still have to pay taxes if it is out of state?
You will have to pay all the applicable taxes for the locality in which you reside.
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