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I ordered the CarlinKit 3.0 to add a wireless CarPlay option. It's available on Amazon through the manufacturer's store, but cheaper if you order directly from their website. NOTE: it ships from China but takes a week to arrive. I had no delay with USPS surprisingly.

Carlinkit Carplay Store

In any event, I only tried it while parked and my phone had absolutely no issues connecting. That was my concern based on the Amazon reviews.

It appears to use a Bluetooth connection between the phone and device and the device appears to recognize that it's connected to a Kia vehicle. You don't specify the vehicle when you order, just need to make sure your vehicle is on the supported list. The 2021 Sorento was listed.

The unit is very small and lightweight. I used velcro to affix it to the underside of the storage compartment lid so that I could still utilize the "floor" space. (The photo with the battery is a AAA battery). The lid closes just fine.

It comes with a short USB-C TO USB-A cable.

I tested Spotify while parked and there was a short moment of buffering and then streaming was fine; I'll have to send an update on prolonged use.

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