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Hello everyone,

This is Mike and I am a benz forum member since 6 months ago. Long story short - I had to sign up under a new name here as I can not for the life of me remember my password from my original unsername.

Ok, so here is the question. I am a big Mercedes fan, since a kid. I am looking at a vehicle, and with a polite question - can anyone offer any thoughts/ advice before the potential purchase takes place. I'm describing the car below.

It is a 2003 S500 4 Matic. Agreed purchase price is a hair under $18K. Car is in NJ where I reside and always been in NJ according to a CarFax. 61,000 miles. It is a one owner car with personal use history. All documentation, Navigation CD's, 2 keys, even a window sticker is present. Full tool tray and spare. The vehicle sounds very quiet, no leaks, everything seems to work properly, super clean inside/ out. No Accident History - very clean car fax. Overall the car looks clean to me, however I have never owned an S class Mercedes.

Needs new tires immediately. All tires are worn evenly with the exception of front right, just a tad mor ethan all other tires. Car Very Lightly pulls to the right when driven. Needs potential alignment or any thing else that could cause this?

Although a CarFax is clean, there is very little in service history - pretty much empty CarFax on info between 2004/ 2008 ... so, I do not know what was done/ when service wise.

Anything I should look for as an example, while giving the car a final look over? Dealer wants to sell this car AS IS/ No Warranty. A Little weird perhaps, although most vehicles they sell are As IS.

Any other thoughts are sincerely appreciated.

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