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I'm shopping for an S-class from 1996 - 1999 that is in excellent condition. I would prefer an S420, S500 or S320 LWB, in that order located in the Washington, DC metro area. I would prefer a vehicle with a silver exterior and a black or grey interior, but I am open to other colors also.

I suppose excellent condition has its own meaning to each person. To me, it means that the vehicle has been regularly serviced without fail by a highly qualified technician at either a reputable Mercedes Benz service center or shop that specializes in servicing Mercedes Benz automobiles. It means that there are no mechanical or cosmetic defects on the exterior or interior of the vehicle. I baby my cars and I'm looking to buy one from someone who has babied theirs. I understand that minor door scratches happen, but these should be at a minimum. There should be no accidents, major or minor. The paint should have a good shine, the leather and inside amenities should not have any cracks, breaks or other defects. All of the components should operate correctly.

All of the above may sound like a lot to you, but if a vehicle is taken care of properly, and problems are addressed immediately when they arise, then this really isn't a lot at all :).

I am willing to look at vehicles from other areas as long as the seller is willing to cooperate with me to have my mechanic evaluate the vehicle before I purchase it.

If you park your car at the far end of the lot, if you clean you vehicle religiously, if you service your vehicle regularly, then I am very interested in speaking with you.

Thank you for reading this posting, and if you have something you wish to sell that you feel may fit what I'm looking for, please drop me a note. I look forward to hearing from you.

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